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When someone hears about ‘silent whistle,’ the first thing comes to their mind is how a whistle can act silently! But, with the passing time, there are many inventions related to animals, which can help the owners to train them at their best, without harming or punishing them even a little. Dog whistle is one of these best inventions.

As we know that our dog can catch some frequencies, which even the human ear cannot hear! Dog whistles serve both the purposes. If blown in some particular manner, humans, as well as dogs, can listen to that. Otherwise, it throws some frequency, which only affects the dog and does not annoy the dog at all. In this article, I am reviewing some of the best silent dog whistles. If you want to know what is trending, read further.

Best Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

1. ABRA Dog Whistle

ABRA Dog Whistle

This product is considered as the best silent dog whistle to stop barking. It comes with an adjustable pitch so that it can be set according to your dog’s comfort. This whistle works amazingly well to train your pooch.


  • Material: The best thing about the product is that is made of the stainless steel material which provides a long lifespan to the whistle.
  • Size: it comes in the perfect size. It is reasonably small and so straightforward item to handle. It is also convenient to have it.
  • Harmless tool: Dog whistle is a gentle option to train a dog. It can become the best communication tool between you and your obedient furry friend.
  • Lanyard strap: Even if you are clumsy for such small things like a whistle, you must not worry about misplacing it as it comes with a top quality strap.
  • Ultrasonic sound: When you use this whistle in some specific manner, the noise will not annoy anyone around you and only affects the dogs.


  • The size of this whistle is small, and it comes with a removable plastic cover as well as a strap, which increase the chances of losing some parts.
  • Sometimes, even the mildest frequency can startle the dog and sometimes even the dogs cannot hear all frequencies. It is difficult to decide which level of rate is suitable for the puppy while training.

As an owner of the dog and also as his trainer, you have to follow ‘trial and error’ method to set the most suitable frequency. Continue testing until your dog takes it seriously and the way you want him to be!

2. ORTZ Dog Whistle

ORTZ Dog WhistleJust like Onson, this whistle is also black, made of premium quality stainless steel, and comes with a lanyard strap. Any dog owner can train the pooch in style using this silver training deterrent whistle.


  • Teach commands: It is easy to teach commands to your dog like sit, run, come, stops barking, etc. with the use of silent dog whistle. It does not harm.
  • Ultimate control: Whether you ask about the authority of whistle or the dog, both things are possible with Ortz dog whistle. It is a versatile whistle to call, recall, or train the dog.
  • All in one solution: Whether you have a smaller breed or the larger one, you can still use this whistle. The dogs can get affected regardless of their age or gender.
  • Voice box: You can take control of your dog from wherever you are! There is a benefit of adjusting master calls on the whistle which allows you to talk with your pooch from far away.
  • Exclusive guarantee: Ortz dog whistle offers the facility of free of cost replacement or refund, without asking any question.


  • As the dogs are not familiar with such kind of products, they may become more aggressive than before. Also, it is possible that some dog does not take it seriously.
  • Even after adjusting the frequencies, it does not affect all the dogs of your house. So if you have more than one dog, you have to keep one whistle for each dog.

The manufacturer provides a black cover and a black or white strap to hold the whistle easily. The cover also gives protection to the whistle. It protects the whistle from dirt and particles. So, it’s an overall safe package for both, the dog as well as the owner.

3. FOREPETS Professional Dog Whistle

FOREPETS Professional Dog WhistleFor pets, professional dog whistle comes with a proven training guide and best version of the anti-loss system. The whistle is 100% safe and secure to use. It also comes with a free red coloured lanyard strap.


  • Professional design: It is designed so well that one can merely blow it, set its frequencies, and call him in/out of the doghouse for supper or train the dog not to bark and stay silent in public places.
  • Exclusive training: Whether one wants to teach some necessary behaviours, skills, or some advanced movements, everything is just a whistle away from you!
  • Unique features: There are a locking nut and a cover with strap. As a user, we have to adjust the frequency and turn the lock nut tightly into the place.
  • Best controlling: One can control the pet wherever and whenever he barks hard or misbehaves, without punishment or torture like painful dog collars.
  • Adjusting frequencies: Each dog responds differently when it comes to ultrasonic sound. Here, there is a benefit of changing frequencies, which suits your dog’s hearing.


  • This product is not refundable, and that is one of the most significant disadvantages of For pets professional dog whistle.
  • It is adjustable, but some users did not find it accurate as it won’t stay where set. It is not entirely silent dog whistle.

4. ACME 210.5 Dog Whistle

ACME 210.5 Dog WhistleMany users are suggesting to buy Acme 210.5 dog whistle because of its low price and versatile uses. Moreover, it comes in many colours like black, orange, green, blue, purple, yellow, etc.


  • Price: Acme offers a wide range of inexpensive whistles come in 6 colours. Different coloured whistles can make the work easy if you have more than one pet in your house.
  • Manual volume: The volume of this whistle depends on how hard the person blows it. So, you can use it indoor as well as outdoor with the changed tones.
  • Size and pitch: It comes in a small size which can be handled and kept easily. Also, it gives a distinctive high pitch on which dogs do respond quickly.
  • Other pets: Acme 210.5 dog whistle also works for some other pets like cats. So, if you have more than one pet from different categories, it works for all!
  • Uncategorised breeds: Whether you have a puppy or a fully grown dog, whether a smaller breed pet or the larger one, male, female or any age group of pets, you still can use this whistle to train all of them.


  • This whistle is not entirely silent. Humans can easily hear this whistle. In fact, this whistle is pretty loud than the other dog whistles to stop barking. It does not have any inbuilt control too! You have to control your blow.
  • It is made of plastic and just like some other ordinary whistle toys; it also does not provide the professional as well as cool look. There is no steel.

You can try this product by ordering it once as the company is open for the free of cost return, replacement of the whistle or 100% refund. Use it before deciding the best one for your dog.

5. HISAYEE Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

HISAYEE Dog Whistle to Stop BarkingPros

  • Durability: The material used in the making of this dog whistle is premium quality steel, which makes the whistle long lasting and rust proof.
  • Adjustable frequency: Just like some expensive dog whistles, it also allows frequency adjustments. You can set it according to your dog’s behaviours.
  • Tight grips: It comes with anti-loss tight grip cover and lock nut. Also, just like the other whistles, there is a free lanyard strap available in the kit.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer provides 100% money back guarantee for this product. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it or replace it with another whistle.
  • Safety at its best: This whistle is not at all harmful to your pooch. It will not hurt your dog’s ears, and you or the people around you will also not get affected or annoyed by the sound of this whistle.


  • Even after setting it to the high frequency, it does not control the giant breed of dogs, and they do not respond.
  • Some users complain that it stops working after a couple of weeks or dogs get used to it and stops responding.

Continuous barking is very annoying, and also it is not good for the health of the dogs. Buy this whistle today and gift it to the friend or the neighbour, whose dog who barks nonstop.

Silent Dog Whistles – Do They Work?

Here I have reviewed the top 5 – best dog whistle to stop barking. But, many pet owners have doubts regarding the silent dog whistles. People ask many times whether such whistles work well or not! The answer is YES. Dog whistle is a device which makes the sound once blown, and also throws some frequencies which human ears can’t hear.

Dog’s hearing capacity is different than the humans. Silent dog whistle is a simple and super safe option to train your pet. Some people also believe that whistles are better than the dog collars because of some obvious reasons. So, one should try dog whistles as the sound of the ultrasonic dog whistle varies between 23 and 54 kilohertz which is safe to startle the dog initially and then respond according to that.

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